You really are the Good Shepherd Series 6:

Alwaysnforeva daily inspiration

09th September 2017    

No matter what comes, at least and always we can be perfectly sure that goodness and mercy will be in the picture. Ofcourse it is very simple to speak this way when things are going well. What happens when death robs us of a loved one? What is our reaction when we can’t afford to pay for all our bills? What happens when relationships get hard? What happens when suddenly friends turn against us? What happens when we feel we can’t keep our blessings? These are sort of times that test a person’s confidence in the care of Christ.

I am convinced good always comes out of the chaos. In looking back over my own life, there were events which at the time seemed like utter calamities. There were paths down which he led me that appeared black as night itself. God always knows what he is doing with us. As finite human beings, its not always easy for us to comprehend his management executed in infinite wisdom.

The man or the woman, who knows firsthand about the goodness and mercy of God in his own life, will be warm and affectionate to others. We leave behind peace, forgiveness, contentment, flowers of joy and love. We always make a positive impact.

Lord we thank you for longing for our love. Your beauty and love chases after us everyday of our lives. We are ever aware of your presence because it’s where our hearts are. This is our home for the rest of our lives. Our lives are now more satisfying and worthwhile. There’s simply no place like home. What an assurance. We bless your name. We love you.

Inspired by,      

The word of God,

The sword of the spirit

Psalm 23:6 (AMP)

Surely or only goodness, mercy and unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life, and through the length of my days the house of the Lord [and his presence] shall be my dwelling place.

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