A simple prayer…

Lord Please remind me when i forget..remind me that you are always present in my life..remind me that you are always holding my hand..remind me that you never leave me..remind me that you are always just a prayer away..remind me that you are always guiding me..remind me that since I can trust you with the small details of my life,I can trust you with the big things as well..remind me that if you could handle things I consider big ,you can also handle the smaller things..remind me that it is more important for me to believe even when its not easy for me to believe..remind me to trust you even when its hardest to trust you..remind us the true meaning of your love for us..the love that fights our battles for us even to the point of laying down your life for us..the love that not only knows us but also understands us..the love that doesn’t work with fear or discouragement..the love that strengthens us..the love that comforts us…the love that always listens..the love that always survives…love so unconditional..love so true….

To really understand love,the best definition of love is found in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13..

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