We have control over our minds..not outside events….

So like have you ever been involved in some kind of battle?..a kind of battle where you have to fight everyday…..


a kind of battle where the only thing you want to do is to stop fighting. …the kind where you really want it to stop……but it cannot stop…the one where you must go through….the one where you just simply have to trust that there is light at the end of the tunnel…


if it helps….believe that God is right with you and that he is guiding you through…know  that after this test,there is a lesson that you are meant to learn. .and that this particular test will keep coming back until you learn what you have got to learn..


But now in the meantime..as you wait….you not only have to keep a good attitude but its also very important to be consistent with it..positivity is one of the most deliberate choices I know..though it requires effort,it is very rewarding….A while ago,I heard someone say “For Eve to eat the forbidden fruit,the devil had to deceive her,and for the devil to deceive her she had to chat with the devil”…Do not let yourself chat with the devil..I believe nothing positive ever comes from the devil…the mind is where our true battlefield really is….


the mind is like a CPU..it does whatever you tell it to do..it erases what you want it to erase and magnifies what you want it to magnify…if you have to think,think positive. …talk to yourself….say….
“I am going to make it through,” “I am bigger than this” “This came to pass”
Wake up everyday and determine the kind of day you are going to have….


..even if you dont feel like .laugh..talk..eat..play..dance..smile..hope..carry on..keep going. .when you look at yourself in the mirror..see courage…see strength..


above all have pride in what you have become..

dina@alwaysnforeva 🙂 :-* ♡


  1. Hi Dina, This is lovely, though to like the post, I have to sign in and yet I don’t want an account. How do I go by that?

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