The beauty of this quote is simply in the word “single step”…people…. the first step is the hardest but the most important. .your mind is filled with “What if I dont make it?” “What if it doesnt count?” “What if I waste my time?” “What will people say? ” “What if I look weak?”…you see,what comes easy won’t last,what lasts won’t come its okay to be worried..its okay to be anxious..its okay not to know all the answers..its okay to be fearful..BUT its very very crucial..extremely necessary. …to gather all the courage you have left…all the strength present at that make a move…a  simple move..enough is enough. .enough planning..enough thinking. .enough wondering. .enough envisioning. .enough planning……and NOW we want action..simply begin..start moving…start..just start. .Do it already…one brick begins an entire building. .one smile starts an amazing relationship. .one look saves an entire relationship…one word comforts the prayer saves a decision changes everything. .through one mistake you learn…one lesson is indeed for moment can change the entire picture…a single hardship prepares you to appreciate good times….always one times make the difference. ..believe me,you will never know for sure till you try…take the step…take the next step..

dina @ alwaysnforeva 🙂 :-* ♡


  1. You are right, taking the first step is hard. It is the hardest thing someone will ever do. I apply this to everything in my life. It was hard to keep posting, after rejection. The initial first step, isn’t always the first though, sometimes the first step is after a huge event happens, such as rejection, death, or change of hobby. Either way, this is correct. The first step is the scariest, but 9/10 times it is the best step to take.

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