You really are the Good Shepherd.

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04th September 2017

Lord you have adequate credentials to be our shepherd. You are our owner and manager. We are aware that it is the master in people’s lives that makes the difference in their destiny.

We know that the beautiful relationships given to us repeatedly in scripture between God and man are those of a father to his children and a shepherd to his sheep. Lord you brought us into being and no one is better able to understand us. We really treasure this profound relationship.

Because we are yours Lord, we have your distinct mark that differentiates us from the rest of the world. We belong to you only by virtue of the fact that you earned us by your blood. We don’t fear to acknowledge your ownership because we are conscious of your life and character as a person of enormous compassion and incredible integrity. You came to set us free from our own selves, sins, and fears. It is no wonder that those you liberate love you with fierce loyalty.

We are like sheep in many ways; our fears, timidity and stubbornness. Despite these adverse characteristics, Christ chooses us, buys us, calls us by name, makes us his own and delights in caring for us. He is ever interceding for us, ever guiding us by his gracious spirit, ever working on our behalf to ensure that we will benefit from his care.

We are satisfied with you Lord. We don’t crave and desire anything more. We thank you because you love us for our own sake as well as your personal pleasure. We thank you because you know all about our lives from morning to night.

Lord we thank you because you continually lay down your life for us. We thank you because we are the object of your diligent concern and we know it. We are also your object of affection and attention. We thank you because under your care we flourish and thrive contentedly.

Inspired by,         

The word of God,

The sword of the spirit

Psalm 23:1(MSG)

GOD, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing.

John 10:11 (MSG)

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd puts the sheep before himself, sacrifices himself if necessary.

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