…when its hard..


……remember that person. . The guy u thought you could never get over…the times it was so dark and you had to fight so hard to find the light..when something felt so right and yet so wrong…the times you wandered how you managed to breathe…when we felt so small to matter..well…through all that pain…you grew..a part of you changed..you ar stronger..you are better..you overcame…and that is exactly how we manage to fight bigger and bigger battles that come our way..and then we wonder how we did it….pain..though hard to believe. ..is good…its the most necessary training…we need it to survive…exactly what we need to face each and every day..fearless..believing in all that we are…


  1. I know how you feel. We all have that one person that we have to let go of. It hurts but through it all; you learn to be a stronger person. Life is a lesson, one that teaches you everything!

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      • Hello, I am excited to talk to you about this. I like to gain most followers off social media, but I also like to have a strong email connection. It comes in handy to let most know what is happening, even when they are away. I suggest that you use outside sources, along with some inside sources. Use social media to pull in a big crowd. Offer them rewards for signing up to your opt-in link. Hold contest that only email subscribers can be a part of. And when your out and about, talking to people about your blog and offer them the link to the subscription. This will help a lot. Also, use guest bloggers to reach out to those who you cant get to. People want to hear exciting things, so finally, make sure you keep your blog lively, or they will unsubscribe!


      • Thank you very much. …this opt in link,is it the one on the bottom of the screen where they get posts via email?I have some there..but my WordPress still shows I have no followers via email.

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      • You’re welcome, I am glad it came in handy! The opt-in option is a widget you find while in customization of your blog (This is found in the view admin page and under appearance). The widget is called “Follow my blog”. Be careful as there are two different widgets, but if you read the description, you will notice one says “By email.” Choose that and pull it up to the right side of your blog, make sure it is one of the first things a view sees. It will take time to grow an email following, its something that will take patience, as everything else tied in with being a writer!


  2. This post is awesome, especially since I’ve been through this exact situation and by God’s grace, came out better and wiser 🙂 There is indeed growth. Awesome post and thank you for following my blog 🙂

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