My life not yours ♡


But…we should never forget this…we should create the life we want to live and we should do everything in our power to maintain it…instead of being more like the rest of the people we should determine to be less like them..the difference..the uniqueness. .it all lies in the smallest details..whatever we want to do…nothing should stop us..whatever we want to eat,wherever we want to go,however far it is,as long as its not out of reach..we should go hard for it and claim it….whatever we want to say…or think..or feel…should be put out there..without any exceptions..we have one life to live..happiness is everything. ..all the ridicule,criticism,contempt,..ALL THAT WILL PASS..nothing is permanent. What is permanent is the fact that I’ll always be there for me…so I determine to always choose thoughts. .my words. .my life…my mistakes…my ways. .it just has to bring me joy…


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